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BLUEWAVE 2.0 Programmer JCM

Ride the wave of high speed data transfer with the BLUEWAVE 2.0. Thanks to BLUEWAVE 2.0 you will be able to upload the new firmware on your bill validator easy and quick. Ideal for use on the easily and quickly banknote reader

BLUEWAVE Deluxe Programmer KIT JCM

BLUEWAVE Deluxe is the new portable tool for you to easily update your bill validator. Particularly effective on the field, its 2GB SD card allows you to load firmware of more than one programmer at a time, to make you be able to update a number of readers without wasting time and stop working to load other firmware.


We present to you the new DBV-400, the evolution of DBV-300.


We present the DBV-500, a great choice for a wide range of applications, where you need to accept banknotes up to 78mm in width, like the 50 Euro.


EBA-03 is a compact, reliable and appreciated bill validator.

JCM GEN-5 Universal

The GEN 5 is the next generation of Printer Technology with a faster processor, dual channel communication, intelligent ticket handling for TITO and promotional couponing. The GEN5 is FUZION ready when combined with the iVIZION bill validator.


We are introducing the amazing new iPRO-RC. Among the Elite of Bill Validators from its category, it is one of the most versatile, safe and easy to use.


IPRO is one of the best bill acceptor of its class for anti-repackage and anti-fake technology. The acceptor inside is isolated from external agents and its structure makes it very resistant to shocks. The acceptance is facilitated by an efficient self-centering system.


iVIZION is the most powerful and fastest banknote reader on the market. Leverages the technology of Contact Image Sensor (CIS), which runs a scan of the note or the inserted ticket, capturing the full image of both sides. Also, iVIZION-HC has a chest that can hold up to 3000 banknotes, the largest in its category.


iVIZION will forever change the way the gaming industry sees banknote validators. It is the most intelligent foundation of bill validators and sees and think better than any other product in the industry.


The RMD-100 is the new bill acceptor with very high-speed banknote acceptance, designed to Cash Deposit applications, particularly suitable in the field of retail, banking and security.