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VEGA-RC-TWIN has two drums of great capacity in its RC units up to two denominations with a total capacity of 60 banknotes (30 banknotes each drum) for immediate payment, keeping your equipment running.

In addition, VEGA-RC-TWIN has an improved safety design that prevents the banknotes in the RC group to be affected by unauthorized people. Moreover, it is easy to convert it to a standard VEGA and can operate in both CCTALK and SERIAL ID003.

Additional information

Number of denominations of the recycler

– 1 denomination per recycler

Recycler capacity

– 30 banknotes for each drum by denomination (60 total)

Banknotes size

– Width : 60 – 82mm – Length : 110 -160mm

Power supply

– 12V/24V

Processing speed

– Acceptance banknotes unit RC: 3/2 – Acceptance of banknotes in cash: 3/2 – PayOut: 3/2


– 137 x 115,2 x 155,1mm


– Unit VEGA RC TWIN: 1,7Kg – Main Unit VEGA: 3,78Kg

Cashbox capacity

– Standard : 300 banknotes – Optional : 1000 Banknotes