The G60 recycling unit is a real game-changer for the OEM sales channel (original equipment manufacturer).

For the first time, the reliability in a recycling unit smaller and more compact is proven. Built to the exacting standards of Fujitsu, the G60, while maintaining a small footprint, it does not compromise his duties or his incredible ability.

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With 4 recyclers boxes, 1 deposit box and 1 optional loading box, the G60 gets to hold up to 1900 banknotes. The G60 is the ideal solution for OEMs, ATMs, self-checkout, paying bills or managing environments of retail liquidity.

Mixed denominations of banknotes can be deposited in bundles up to 20 pieces. The G60 captures the full image of each banknote (front and rear) through special sensors, verify the name of the note and its anti-fake checks can be separated by the degree of the condition and store them in another protected cassette.

This type of efficient detection of counterfeit can compare the serial numbers of the banknotes in the database during each transaction.

As an added feature, the G60 can support multi-currency profiles.

The G60 uses many of the same components of other Fujitsu applications. For example, the F53 self-checkout can be loaded into the G60 to count, sort and replenish the funds for secondary application such as payment of bills.

The G60 gives the user the option to delete the current payment transaction and resume the notes you have entered.

G60 is as user-friendly and as safe as possible, and there are optional LEDs display on each box to guide customers during a transaction. In addition, there are optional locks for all boxes and an optional locking bar.

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– Deposit 1 banknote / 1.5 sec
– 20 banknotes / 10 sec
– Dispenser 1 banknotes / 2.0 sec
– 20 banknotes / 12 sec

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