The F53 is an ideal banknote dispenser with checkout functions, kiosks and ATMs. It offers features usually found only in more expensive units.

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Multiple features make the F53 be able to change the vision that you have regarding the disbursement of cash.
It can be configured with 2 or 6 boxes, each one personalized with a padlock to make the transport safer.
Each cassette can be manually adapted to contain and dispense different types of currencies.
The F53 has of filling sensors that allow you to know how many banknotes are present in the boxes. These sensors also communicate with the owner, or with the customer when they need to be replaced before failing in their function.

Additional information


– Unity: 160 x 351 x 330mm- Cassette: 116 x 216 x 98mm


– Unity: 9,2Kg- Cassette: 0,7Kg

Elaboration speed

– 2 banknotes/sec


– RS232C (standard)- USB (optional)

Banknotes size

– Max: 82 x 165mm- Min: 60 x 120mm- 0.09 – 0.3mm

Banknote transaction

– 20 banknotes per transaction

Mumber of cassettes

– Up to 6

Rejected banknotes area capacity

– 20 banknotes

Power supply

– DC +24V +-10%- Max: 6A- Medium: 4A


– Operational: from 0ºC to 40ºC – Standy:: from 5ºC to 50ºC


– Oparational: from 10% to 95% – Standby: from 8% to 95%

Banknotes sensors

– Fixed sensor – 40 banknotes for each cassette

Customization option

– Shutter, safety rejection area, security door