Banknote recyclers are devices that allow the acceptance of banknotes and in addition they can dispense some of the accepted banknotes. The banknotes that need to be dispensed can also be manually refilled.

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The G60 recycling unit is a real game-changer for the OEM sales channel (original equipment manufacturer).

For the first time, the reliability in a recycling unit smaller and more compact is proven. Built to the exacting standards of Fujitsu, the G60, while maintaining a small footprint, it does not compromise his duties or his incredible ability.


We are introducing the amazing new iPRO-RC. Among the Elite of Bill Validators from its category, it is one of the most versatile, safe and easy to use.


MRX is a modular bill reader and recycler, configurable to recycle up to 8 denominations and 480 banknotes. It has functionalities of escrow and acceptance/distribution up to 30 bills.


Compact. Fast. Reliable. The VEGA-SINGLE-RC owns a unit of banknote recycler tapes that allows the banknotes to be inserted and recycled.